Catherine Phillips, Creative Copywriter, with around 10 years on international accounts at calibre agencies.

Air France print dm Preview

Air France print dm

"Get ready to see your Miles take off. By travelling now, you're earning Award Miles to spend any way you wish. Could there be a better time to fly than the present?"

Citroën DS3 digital campaign Preview

Citroën DS3 digital campaign

Imagine you can take one last drive through your city before leaving forever. Collecting personal routes from hundreds of users, we reveal the most memorable parts of cities.

National Blood Service outdoor Preview

National Blood Service outdoor

"In which a man on the street saves lives by giving blood. Little do passers-by realise that Mr B is a hero in disguise. Just a day in the life of a blood donor."

Disneyland crm Preview

Disneyland crm

Award-winning sequence of over 20 brand emails and landing pages, which boosted click rates into double figures. Immersive stories and game scenarios.

Intel series of viral videos Preview

Intel series of viral videos

Comedy sequences featuring IT dept colleagues, Io and Oll, who continually arrive at an impasse. Made to circulate in the IT crowd, the message: It takes more than 2.

Louis Vuitton crm Preview

Louis Vuitton crm

Around 20 emails for the brand. "Measure your time in diamonds. The new Tambour Bijou Monogram collection for women. Every second is precious."

Nissan tvc Preview

Nissan tvc

Models Qashqai, Juke and X-Trail are made for adventure, so we told stories about "Leaving what you know behind", erasing the past to reveal something new and unexpected.

Airness digital campaign Preview

Airness digital campaign

3D "headphones-on" sound experiences to recreate the sensations you'd feel using the products: Fire and Ice sports showergels.

Coke online video Preview

Coke online video

Dedicated Christmas-shift workers are unexpectedly reunited with their families. Voice-Over: "One Christmas, in a land far away..."

Nespresso website Preview

Nespresso website

The story behind your coffee. A dramatic backstory with romantic storytelling, various timelines leading up to your cup of Nespresso.

Shortlinks corp id Preview

Shortlinks corp id

Desaturated visuals superimposed with bright yellow graphics: the elements of the brand’s added value. Simple repeating copy with the added-value element at the end of the phrase.

Wonderbra website with ar Preview

Wonderbra website with ar

"Ready for more than a push up the ladder of life? Want a boost, a bounce up, a Full Effect fruity, juicy jump up?"

Odeon Cinemas crm Preview

Odeon Cinemas crm

Styled in the brand's intelligent, fun-loving and very UK tone of voice, full sequence of 8 emails destined for loyalty members. Teaser subject lines.

Just Me interactive outdoor Preview

Just Me interactive outdoor

Spanning Hoxton Square in London, a massive mindmap around the theme of 'Home'. Drawn in chalk on the ground, to be continued by visitors and residents. With artist Tessa Eastman.

Accor Hotels digital copy Preview

Accor Hotels digital copy

Translating quality of sleep into data, then into a robot-created painting. "Make your sleep a work of art." Multiple awards.

Lacoste digital copy Preview

Lacoste digital copy

Smart, high-stretch urban wear that expresses elegance in movement. The campaign presents city living as a sport.

Beckham Perfumes website Preview

Beckham Perfumes website

The Beckham fragrance home with a scrolling navigation in the form of a phrase, each 3 words corresponding to a perfume. FB seduction game to match.

Astor Cosmetics online tv Preview

Astor Cosmetics online tv

Concept and episode-by-episode synopsis for a year, for an online reality TV series, featuring model Heidi Klum's encounters with the brand.

Givenchy strategy, site Preview

Givenchy strategy, site

"At the heart of every woman is the Black Dahlia." A mystical labyrinth invites the user on a quest for the essence of elegance, sensuality and mystery itself.

Nestea digital campaign Preview

Nestea digital campaign

Users sell off segments of their life, as in, "I'm selling next Saturday". Highest bidder takes seller's place for that period of time. "The start of something different".

Sebastian crm Preview

Sebastian crm

Staccato and impactful language and graphics in these newsbursts, suggestive of the creative art of runway fashion, the domain of these extreme styling products.

Clairol digital copy Preview

Clairol digital copy

All content for this global website that relaunched the brand. Product descriptions, how to use, product philosophy and weeks of writing.

SkyTeam app Preview

SkyTeam app

Select your transit airport and your interests to compose a unique montage of video, voice, tweets and picture content from fellow users, for a personalised video guide.

Air France press Preview

Air France press

"An impulse flight. A scenic drive. Two nights sweet dreams. Earn and spend Miles with Air France's airline and non-airline partners. Simple to join, so much to experience."

Arjo Wiggins content Preview

Arjo Wiggins content

"85% less waste to landfills? Recycling makes sense. It saves energy otherwise used to produce new materials. And reusing materials also means less waste."

Lifescan digital campaign Preview

Lifescan digital campaign

"Designers // Diabetics // Unite // No Limits Living! Art the Ultra-Easy Shell up. Your design could be the new-gen limited edition. 100,000 designers. One winner."

Wella complete digital platform Preview

Wella complete digital platform

Pitch win for the brand's full digital platform: a modular consumer site, professional site, hairdresser blog platform, jobs site and mobile app.

Air France digital campaign Preview

Air France digital campaign

"The freedom to feel anything, including freedom itself. With no obligation, cost or effort, you could win this uplifting emotion, simply by clicking here."

Chopard online magazine concept Preview

Chopard online magazine concept

Editorial concept and first edition for a luxury interactive magazine, offered online and as an app to customers spending over 1000€.

Sephora point of sale Preview

Sephora point of sale

Instore campaign including posters, self strips and CRM email to members.

Louis Vuitton product descriptions Preview

Louis Vuitton product descriptions

New season product descriptions, including "Crew necklace combining three finishes, in a zigzag theme inspired by the graphic shapes and contrasts of the Art Deco period."

Guerlain emails Preview

Guerlain emails

Email campaigns and web copy for this brand, over 6 months.

Societe Generale outdoor Preview

Societe Generale outdoor

Typographical ads, part of a broad campaign to launch this leading French bank in the UK. These ads appeared in the London Underground.

SkyTeam viral videos Preview

SkyTeam viral videos

A suave Frenchman with a shirt unbuttoned just a button too far is at the luggage delivery belt. Just as he reaches out to take his baggage...

Pampers 340 baby name descritions Preview

Pampers 340 baby name descritions

Pampers compiled a baby names database with many of the newest names we have, names like Journey and Destinee. Descriptions had to be affirmative, cross-cultural and non-religious.

Dom Perignon www Preview

Dom Perignon www

Copy for website, campaign, leaflets and events. "The culmination of a great love story. The greatest, most refined feast of them all. As both a wine and a symbol, Dom Perignon celebrates the timeless ritual that is marriage."

2017 Copyright Catherine Phillips