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95% more energy efficient?

Because we capture and recycle heat normally wasted in large-scale power stations.

We work closely with the Carbon Trust. The aim, to reduce our energy footprint. Ambitious European directives are to use 20% renewable energy by 2020 and we’re in line with that. Some of our sites already manufacture their own energy using Combined Heat and Power. This technique captures and recycles heat normally wasted in large-scale power stations. This gives us greater efficiency on fuels consumed – up to a staggering 95%. But that’s not all. We’re moving away from fossil energies. We’re pioneering the use of biotechnologies as an alternative.


85% less waste to landfills?

Less landfill means less toxic methane gas.

Recycling makes sense. It saves energy otherwise used to produce new materials. And reusing materials also means less waste. Less waste means less landfill. And less landfill means less toxic methane gas. That’s why we've spent time investigating the separation of materials. Researching recycling routes. The results are clear. Over the last three years we’ve reduced waste to landfill by 85%. And that means a reduction of methane. Wherever we can, we make it a priority to recycle paper, plastic and metal waste.


Around 95% of our water?

We feed it back to its original source in the environment.

Water is key. It dilutes and transports fibres in what is a wet papermaking process. The water we use is natural water collected direct from local rivers. We filter it. Then use it, reuse it, and reuse it again, recycling the same water, paper process after paper process. Afterwards, we purify the water and feed back around 95% to its original source in the environment, the river. Collecting from and giving back to nature means that our water use has no environmental impact on the ecosystem. To check and regulate how we protect the environment, we make sure we work closely with independent bodies, including local authorities.


Carbon dioxide emissions?

Ours have decreased every year since 2006.

Carbon from fossil-fuel burning is causing global warming. But we believe in change. We are working hard to reduce our Carbon Footprint, each year by more than the last. Our CO2 emissions are measured independently by the Carbon Neutral company. We identify where we can reduce them and we do it. Any remaining emissions, we offset with the highest quality carbon projects. Biogas facilities in the Netherlands. In Germany, power projects which capture methane gas emissions, used to generate electricity and heat. Where are we now? Today, all Conqueror sold in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Benelux, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria is certified 100% Carbon Neutral.

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