Citroën Light Trails

Digital Campaign: website, social media

Create an online campaign around the car’s styled night lights.


Imagine you could take one last drive through your city, before leaving forever. What would your route be?

On your last night drive through your city, your tail lights leave a red trail. Our site compares red trails from hundreds of users, highlighting the parts of the city most memorable to locals.


You -- This is your city

Drive -- What is your route

DS3 -- Lights up its city

The ultimate Parisian car expresses itself in light. In its triple-diamond Xenon headlights. Its 3D tail lights. In its daring LED city lights.

Equipped with just a GoPro and their Citroën DS3, six Parisians take you on 'the' drive through the city of lights as they know it.

2017 Copyright Catherine Phillips