Email CRM over 2 years

Dramatic teaser subject lines. Immersive gamified story scenarios. Our emails commonly led on to a landing page that extended the story. This series of around 25 emails achieved 23% click-through rates (norm is 3%) and won a Brand Content award.

The email brief: "Collect missing data (full name, age, location)"

Dino Rex must destroy the Evil Emperor Zurg. The user, addressed personally, plays a free Toy Story themed space-invaders game online with a guaranteed free prize (a printable Dino Rex paper toy, which we also created). After completing the retro-style game, the user must supply full name, age and location to download reward.

The email brief: "Special Offer"

Watch out here it comes!

It's round, it's pink, it's full of savings. There's a chunky offer flying your way, if you can catch it in time! Plus more deals all snugly tucked in right here.

The email brief: "New Attractions"

Beep Beep Beep…

New sectors discovered at Disneyland, space-time dimension of ever-increasingness. Visors down for an entire new zone of giant-sized rides. Reconnaisance mission priority urgent.

The email brief: "Visit Again"

The email brief: "Season Closing"

The email brief: "Book Ahead, or Book Last Minute"

The email brief: "No Clicks in Previous Emails"

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