Givenchy Dahlia Noir

Strategy, site concept and copy


The legends, films and books women grow up with are full of stories about the archetypal empowered female. Every woman recognizes this feminine power in herself. The Black Dahlia is the name she can give to this daring part of herself. It's the powerful, sensual, exciting female she knows is inside her, that she dreams of being.

The woman in the video represents the Black Dahlia element in every woman. She is a goddess of independence and sensual feminine power.

The fragrance is the essence of the Black Dahlia experience.

The Black Dahlia experience is hidden in a labyrinth. We can imagine the labyrinth as being the woman herself.

In the video, we see the goddess crossing an octagonal room with 8 doors. For us, this is the centre of the labyrinth, where the Black Dahlia resides.

The symbols of the labyrinth, the octagon room, the 8 doors, the Quests and the goddess all suggest mystical, esoteric, feminine knowing. By connecting the brand to these, we reinforce it with an ancient cultural treasure: goddesses, strong women, inner liberation. It's an area that excites, that empowers women and makes them feel intuitive and special.

Central concept and line: At the heart of every woman is the Black Dahlia.


After an introduction to the Black Dahlia atmosphere in a short film, we find ourselves outside labyrinth.

There are 8 doors in. These doors reveal the world of the Black Dahlia.

The doors are marked. 4 introduce us to the practical world of the Black Dahlia: the fragrance, the range, the inspiration and the film.

But the Black Dahlia experience is an enigma, so 4 doors lead to Quests. If we can accomplish a Quest, we win the Black Dahlia. Practically speaking, if we accomplish a Quest, we can enter our details and receive a tester of the fragrance.


< copy > At the heart of every woman is the Black Dahlia

Recut the video to show: the flower opening, the goddess walking into the labyrinth, view of the labyrinth from above, her veils flying around her, the goddess walking out of the labyrinth, close-up on her face.

We are outside the labyrinth. There are 8 doors in.

< copy > At the heart of the labyrinth is the Black Dahlia. A mythical flower shrouded in mystery. To receive a vial of Givenchy's mysterious and powerful new fragrance Black Dahlia, complete a quest. Choose a door to enter the labyrinth.

The 8 doors are marked:

Elegant Enigmatic Sensual Enchanting Mesmerising Eternal Mysterious Intoxicating

Here, 8 pages describe the brand through gamified quests, each winning a sample "vial".

Elegance Quest

< copy > Black Dahlia is elegant. In the city of lights, there is one star that is not in the sky.

A black and white map opens on France. We see the black flower around Paris. When we zoom in on Paris, the black flower is around Étoile. We click on Étoile.

< copy > Black Dahlia is at Étoile in Paris.

A list of photos of 8 flowers stenciled onto the pavement around Étoile appears. The photos were all uploaded by visitors.

< link > Upload your photo here

< button > Receive your vial of Black Dahlia

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