Piaget Desert Springs

Branding and naming of 3 world-class collections of jewels, inspired by the American West.
4 of the 60+ routes I proposed

In Desert Springs, the sky, the mountain peaks, and the lakes are lit with sunlight. We talk about those three locations in Desert Springs as if they are real, and can be visited. Language is relaxed, clear and real.

Fire Dew is a mirage of sensation. Sparkling, incandescent, full of memories, reflections, allure and desire. Its language is a dream, infused with scintillating impressions, inexact, suggestive, beckoning with emotion.

Sunlight Oasis is the real desert of the west, endless expanses of silent, ironed heat. Here, we speak in images we can feel. The hot air feels full of light. The desert landscape is encrusted with bright, shining minerals. The vegetation is simple, purely itself, like native art.

Native Bloom is light, bright, fresh, and simple as a smile. The words are clear and sweet. Our images are innocent. Sincerity fills our words with the desire to be straight-talking and pure.

2022 Copyright Catherine Etedal Phillips