Games made for social media, over 4 years on the account

"Border Control"

Everyone stresses at security checks, which makes this game a fun test of how security "pro" you are. While you face the toughest airport security agent ever, your webcam and microphone scan you for suspicious signs of stress.

Uses facial heartbeat recognition to track your pulse, picks up on facial colour changes and uses voice recognition to listen for tiny pauses, breaks and nervous wobbles in your voice.

I researched quantified self and healthcare apps to create this app.


"NRT" may mean nothing to you and me, but to a frequent flyer, this is obviously the airport code for Narita Airport, Tokyo. So how many can they guess in 30 seconds?

This simple game scored a double-figure replay rate as players tried to beat their own scores.

"Next Stop"

There's only one destination that fits you, your habits and your tastes!

My most-used emoticon is... :) ;) :(

All my money gets spent on... clothes / food / electronics / entertainment

The best style is... classic / modern / natural

I'm most on my... laptop / smartphone / tablet / old-school phone

Your city is Madrid

It's stylish, it's hot, it's passionate and it's modern. Remind you of anyone?

Every question is exportable as a display ad, targeting users on websites relevent to that question and leading them into the rest of the quiz.

"Plane People"

Get a plane avatar for your Facebook profile!

In less than a minute, personalise your own plane for your profile. You can even post a plane on a friend's wall!

Ready for take off? Go!

(each step adds features to a basic plane)

1. Which are you? / Chick aged 20+ / Dude aged 20+ / Gentleman aged 40+ / Lady aged 40+

2. Where do you sit? / Cockpit / Business / Economy

3. How often do you fly? / About every month / Once or twice a year

4. How far? / Within my time zone / Longhaul / Where don't I fly!

5. Which airline do you travel with most? / select from logos

Post your plane on your Wall? Use as Profile Picture? Use as Cover Picture! Post to a friend's Wall?

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