Societe Generale

Typography-only tube card panels in the London Underground

4 Sports-Themed Ads

Formula E Championship. Like the City but with helmets.

Formula 1 Grand Prix. Like the City but with seat belts.

Royal Ascot? You’re better off betting on an excellent financial partner.

Wimbledon? You'd be better served choosing an excellent financial partner.

6 Rugby-Themed Ads

Scrum right down inside the carriage

Stand offside of the closing doors

Lineout please, this train terminates here

Please ensure you have all your belongings with you when you leave the pitch

This train is ready to grubber, please mind the doors

This is a Barbarians train via Garry Owen and Webb Ellis

Key Bank Descriptors, Press Ads

we are the bank

that constructs the future

we are the bank

that’s constructing tomorrow

we are the bank

behind what’s next

we are the bank

financing the future

we are the bank

for tomorrow’s big business

we are the bank

founded on history

we are the bank

built on achievement

we are the bank

established in time

we are the bank

rooted in 150 years of stability

we are the bank

backed by time itself

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